The reality of what is happening in East Ghouta, rural Damascus

350,000 civilians under a regime imposed seige since 2013. The regime & Russia began a new offensive on the area (18.2.18) killing 479 civilians before the adoption of UN Security Council 2401. Despite the new resolution, the regime aided by Russia & Iran continues to viciously attack civilian areas using the full range of weaponry, including barrel bombs, chlorine gas & incendiary missiles resembling napalm.

The new offensive is threatening the stability of the south-west ceasefire, with opposition forces forces responding in solidarity with the people of Ghouta & the regime responding by shelling civilian areas. We are tracking events live in East Ghouta, including the civilian death toll since the start of this new regime military offensive:

Civilian death toll

Free Syrian Army's artillery target regime in Al-Sanamayn, north Daraa, in solidarity with the people of #EastGhouta
Written on the missiles: “For the people of East Ghouta”