FSA Vs Daesh

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Last updated: 10.00pm 14/09/17
April 2017

Operation Euphrates Shield began with the liberation of Jarablus from Daesh in north east Aleppo province in August 2016. With Turkish support, this operation went on the free the syrbolic town of Dabiq from Daesh, dispelling Daesh's myth that an apocalyptic confrontation would take place here. In its final phases, the Daesh stronghold of Al-Bab was liberated in February 2017.

On 27th February 2017, while talks were being held in Geneva, regime forces moved to block the way to these forces fighting Daesh (map), in a clear move that demonstrated its priorities in Syria. Operations against Daesh were unable to proceed & on March 29th 2017, Turkey announced that operations under this name were finished.

At the close of these operations FSA forces with Turkish support liberated 2,100km2 containing 252 villages from Daesh in northern Aleppo province