13th June 2017


    • FSA force blocked a heavy regime & Hezbollah attack yesterday on Daraa Camp frontlines, leaving many regime fighters & militia dead, destroying a shilka, a tank & a  military vehicle loader.
    • FSA forces targeted Baily Airbase & Khalkhala Airbase in Lajat today with heavy rounds of missiles from rocket launchers, inflicting casualties on regime ranks.
    • New FSA reinforcements arrived to Daraa today to assist in repelling regime's military campaign on the city (photos)
    • Daraa Local Council statement announced liberated areas of Daraa & its surroundings as devastated areas due to regime's use of scorched earth policy (statement), "All hospitals in liberated Daraa city have been targeted & destroyed by the regime", the local council called on international organizations to send relief & humanitarian aid to the civilians of Daraa city.

      Regime shelling today:
      Daraa al Balad: 18 barrel bombs, many containing napalm
      Legat, rural Daraa: 9 airstrikes; 6 barrel bombs; dozens of mortars
      Elnaymah, rural east Daraa: 6 barrel bombs




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